Which Zodiac Sign is the Best Match for Cancer


 Fourth zodiac sign among the 12 is Cancer. Cancer attains the symbol of Crab which reveals the personality traits of

a Cancerian. Being an element of Water, Cancer shows his watery nature as kind, soft, beneficial, deep and so on.

Astrology tells that Cancer is a Moon child and holds maternal peculiarities. The reason is quite simple as most of the

people who are familiar with the Cancer can easily demonstrate the fact that they have winning qualities.

Nature of Cancer Man and Woman:

Cancer is family and home oriented, can’t even think about to fall apart from the family. Kindness, softness,

calmness, depth, emotions etc are the key elements that one could easily find in a Cancerian. They love to serve

others, protective ones they are. If you are in a relation with a Cancer they will give you the best what they could do

so. Hatred comes from lie; Cancerian hates lie and being cheated. Like other zodiac signs Cancers are the human

beings and they have darker sides in their personality. Extremely emotional and possessive natured Cancer

sometimes brings hurdles in his life in addition with the mood swings habit.

Compatibility Check:

 Let’s talk about Cancer compatibility with other sign that who have the tendency to cope up with the dark sides

of the Crab and who could appreciate their positive energies. If we go for Water signs who serve to be the siblings of

Cancer being Watery stars, we are taking our right steps in this regard. More or less stars capturing the similar

element could understand each other in a better way but another possibility is there that they could serve as worst

enemies as well.

Relationship of Cancer with another Cancer:

Crab’s match with another Crab, it sounds beautiful and interesting too. Similar poles repel each other. We have

studied this phenomenon in science and in practical lives as well. Diamond seems beautiful with gold but Diamond

intensifies its look when it comes in contact with another Diamond. Such a combo will lead you towards the world of

wonder. Similarly, when Cancerians make a connection with other entities their relation could be an appealing one

but with respect to another Cancer they can take their plane to the Moon.

Moon children are the reflex of one another. Twain grabs the same positive and negative energies. This could go in

their favor or at times it could be against them, as both know each other very closely. Chances go in the favor of a

unique bond. The beauty of their relation lies in their chemistry. They have the tendency to give space to one another

as both are familiar with their flaw of mood switching. They can tackle their emotional states easily and can share

their stuff feasibly as both thinks on a same mental approach. Both are empathetic, they know that being loyal costs a

lot so they never cheat one another. It doesn’t mean that they don’t fight at all, but the possibilities of disputes are

less as both are the representatives of water (look calm but at times hides storm in itself).

Relation with Scorpio:

Another Water sign is here which serves as a suitable match for the Cancerians. Scorpio couldn’t understand a

Cancer on a level on which a Cancer could do so but still Scorpios have the capability to make an everlasting

connection. Very few people know that Scorpio possesses another symbolic name which is ‘Dove’. Mixture of Dove

and Scorpio enables Scorpions to lead a contented life with a Cancer. Compatibility ranking rate increases when

there comes a matter of Cancer and Scorpio. Scorpios are well aware of their responsibilities and they try their best

to make their Cancer mate happy and satisfied. Cancerians give extra worth to their relation. They are the emotional

beings so they truly feel the significance of a happy relation and put all their efforts to maintain a balanced life. Both

love each other on a similar scale. Their sparking element is loyalty which creates more energy and strength in their


Problems with Scorpio:

Major problem which arouses among a Cancer and a Scorpio is; Scorpios think that they are the super beings and the

dominant ones. The ruling Star of Scorpions is Mars which injects dominancy in its child and this superiority

complex destroys the equilibrium of their lives. Over sensitive Cancerians don’t give space to their mates due to their

insecurities and this thing creates a problem in their lives. Cancerians’ jealousy and possessiveness of Scorpio serve

as troubling tools. Being a part of Water Scorpio’s deeper side annoys Cancer and a sense of jealousy comes. Scorpio

needs all the attention of his/her mate and don’t compromise on this issue, Cancers get irritated with this kind of

possessiveness. Apart from all these negative traits, If Cancer and Scorpio have the ability to overcome upon their

flaws then a blessed life is waiting for them.

Relation with Pisces:

Pisces is a true representative of Water due to its emotional side. Pisces loves to swim in the river of emotions same

is the case with the Cancer. Both are the deeper ones. Twain are the symbol of calmness, peace and kindness, so they

remain contented with one another. A peculiar aspect which is common among the two is; both love to live in the

world of fantasy. When two of them separately come in contact with other zodiac signs there occurs a problem for

them that those who are the practical ones don’t rely upon fantasy world and they are far away from the emotional

world. Twain like to live in the world of escapism and seek pleasures sometimes, to escape from the harsh realities of

the real world.

Gaps between Pisces and Cancer:

To enjoy the luxuries of their lives, they have to come out of their wonderland. Pisces in this regard doesn’t act a

cooperative mate at times so an air of tension blows in the mind of the Cancer that how to deal with the problem.

Cancers’ sensitivity brings conflict among the two. Imbalanced sea could bring a storm in their lives. Overall they

make a perfect match.

Relation with Capricorn:

 Earth goes perfect with Water in order to create a match. If Cancer achieves the maternal title so Capricorns are

famous for their parental traits. Capricorn and Cancer could enjoy a better life if they want to do so. Capricorns

are the practical, disciplined, and reserved personalities. Cancers have the power to break their hard shell and to pick

out a loving and funniest individual. None of them is disloyal. Twain’s’ lives depend upon sincerity and loyalty. Both

help their mates to accomplish their goals.

Flaws among the two:

Cancer emotionality and Capricorn’s practicality act as a barrier between the two. Cancerians are deeply

emotional and their sensitivity catches troubles for them to live a beautiful relation. Rigidity of Capricorns doesn’t

allow them to live a peaceful life at times. Cancer has mood swings which irritate Capricorn as Capricorn doesn’t

display their emotions easily. In spite of all the weaknesses they can support one another and can lead a rewarding


Relation with Taurus:

Venus and Moon’s combination, what a perfect match! Taurus child carries stability, tolerance, calamity, kindness,

affection and many other positive traits from its ruler. Twain are as essential for one another as Water is for Earth.

Both possess enormous similarities. Taurus is free from egotism which is an appealing aspect. He/she is keen

interested in solving the problems of the Cancer. Cancerians’ extra care gives them comfort. Their friendship enables

their relation to be a long lasting one. Their union moves them towards heaven.

Problems with Taurus:

Taurus has tolerance but on the other side they are the aggressive mates. Their words hurt the emotional partners. At

times their differences throw them to the isolated islands, means it happens when they stand on conventional

thoughts. Taurus doesn’t see Cancer with any other and their sensitivity is troublesome. Cancerians are not very

social this creates a gap between the two whereas Taurus personalities are social so they want their partner to join

them. Apart from being different, they are passionate enough to hide the flaws of their mate and can tackle it in a

best possible way to bring uniqueness among them.

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