Best Zodiac Facts About Cancer Woman

1: Her laugh is infectious and she isn’t afraid of being the silly one; when she loves you,

there’s nothing she will not do for you; her moodiness is something she can’t control

she is usually good with money; she craves affection; she tends to go for people with an “edge”

she remembers a lot but can also be forgetful of smaller everyday details.

2:¬†She’s the first woman whose tender touch has kept you in abed long after the ardor has worn off and the candles

have burned down.

You’re surprised by the warmth in her eyes that somehow gentles your demanding hands to light caresses and

squeezes. She makes you care for her, and something in the soft weight of her head on your chest brings out an

urge to protect and provide. She is not weak. Far from it. But she’s so whole-e and good, and she tries so hard and

loves so deep that you can’t help but despise anyone that would harm her. You touch and she’s far more real than

anything you have felt before.

3: The cancer woman is a paragon of patience. she can outwit anyone, and she uses this strategy to gain credibility,

affection, or power. hers is the eternal potency of water, which carves riverbeds out of gigantic mountains through

the slow process of erosion.”

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