15 Cancer Woman Personality Traits You Won’t believe are True

Cancer Woman Personality Traits

Cancer is a zodiac sign that is ruled by the element of Water. They are emotional at their heart and that is why they may face difficulties in getting to adjust with people.

Where water rules their personality as an element there at the same time, Moon rules this sign as a planet and that is why they are very passionate and moody people.

The changes and shifts in the lunar cycle cast an enormous impact on their life and how they deal with life’s trades.

Considering that the Cancer sign is moody and emotional and still it makes as one of the Cardinal signs among all, this start sign is a tricky, healthy and equally lethal zodiac.

And if it is a woman, the story gets more interesting.

Let us talk about the 15 most Important Personality Traits of a Cancer Woman.

Her Strength:

A Cancer Woman Personality reflects its color white in her personality and her demeanor. She is a wonderful, strong lady and she will survive through anything.

The changes in life might break her form the inside but she would not let it show easily to just anyone. She is good at keeping appearances and that is her greatest strength.

She has the ability to smile even when she is devastated.

Her Possessiveness:

You need to know that she own her things, her people and her life.

Once you are hers, you belong to her and there may be the possibility that an element of jealousy can be easily developed between her and any other woman who crosses your path.

Things can go really wrong if that woman tries to be closer to you. You need to keep this thing in mind because man! She loves you and you are bound to respect her on that.

Cancer Woman possessiveness might go out of bounds at times but she can learn with the passage of time.

She is Empathetic:

The most beautiful thing about Cancer Woman being a human is her empathy.

She does not only sympathize with people, she has the courage to see through things and feel other people’s pain.

She is a consequence of this, proves to be a wonderful partner who will stand with her man through the entire thick and thins because she can feel what you go through and she shares all of that pain and even happiness with you. You can count on her at all the time.

She is Gradual but not Late:

Do not pounce upon her for everything. Especially when you want to attract Cancer Woman and you want her to agree to something. She is slow and takes time to understand everything.

If you would just be with her and let her explore everything on her own, she will be more than happy and the results will always be positive.

Talk to her, try to make her understand but let her see everything on her own.

She Makes an Excellent Friend:

What else can be expected to be there in the other person than their ability to befriend you and help you?

Since Cancer Woman is empathetic, she makes one of the best friends you can ever have. She will listen to you for hours while you talk and she will not hesitate helping you whenever you need him.

You will never see her avoiding you when you need her. In fact she will be the one to take the first step and take control of the situation.

Her Passion is Real, So is her Love:

Cancer Woman Personality comes really heavy and hard in passion and in love. She is an extremist by nature, but that extremism is not entirely negative.

You may find her getting jealous of people who try to come closer to you or who claim to know you better than she does but over all, she will consume you with her passion and her libido.

Her love making is intense and you will not be able to get enough of her in bed. She will give you a diverse and a never ending experience.

She is not at all thrifty in loving, when she does, you will have it all.

She is Sensitive:

The most important reason because of which Cancer Woman does not make many friends is her sensitive side. Empathy is a gift but it can be a curse at the same time.

Empathetic people are sensitive to the core and this makes them vulnerable. She is very sensitive and whatever you do must be thoroughly thought upon because anything can upset her or ruin her day.

Being her man means you have a responsibility towards her sensitive side.

She might Burst like a Volcano:

Her emotional side has a flawed state of getting shattered with emotions. You may find her getting really angry, something she would not be able to control and sometimes,

when she is over worked and stressed, she might erupt like a volcano. You will never know what happened when she bursts.

This may be a routine, she like throwing her temper tantrums either by fighting it to death or by staying strangely quiet.

She can be Easily Hurt:

Her sensitivity brings her to the point where she can be easily hurt.

You will say something and of the communicative intention has not been clearly conveyed, things might go wrong. Really, REALLY wrong!

You have to be really careful on that part. She will feel everything you tell her.

She has a beautiful soul; you should know how to protect it.

She Loves the concept of having a Family Life:

The best thing about Cancer Woman is her interest in having a family life. Cancer women are perfect home makers and they know how to live with people under one roof.

This is all she has every wanted and this what she will ever strife for the most in her life. She wants to get married and have a beautiful home.

So, whenever she shares such plans with you, do not discourage her because this is her true self being revealed.

She will avoid Vulnerabilities:

Since she is sensitive, she will at all cost avoid situations which can render her weak and vulnerable.

She will either not confront such situation at all or else she will try to win the argument or the situation by raising her voice.

It is difficult for Cancer women to accept that they are the ones making the mistake. She wants to stay strong but when she needs it, be the shoulder for her to cry on.

She has Many Secrets:

Cancer Woman is a deep person, throughout her life, she has observed things but she could never reveal them on others.

That is why she has been saving everything in her heart.

Today, she is a woman who has many secrets. Good or bad, but just know that with a Cancer Woman, you will have a lot to explore.

One the positive time, she will also expect to have a deep partner and she will give her quality time and effort to spend it on exploring you and get to know you better.

She does not like Change:

She will even take some time accepting you as her partner and her significant other. Give her that space to accept because she is not prone to change.

She wants things to just stay like they always were.

You might catch her complaining about moving the sofa from its place but that is OK because it is just a phase.

She can make a Mountain out of a Mole Hill:

Do not underestimate her skill of making a mountain out of a small mole hill. She can multiply things because she likes to live in the past.

If you people ever go down that lane where you are having an argument, she will have a LOT to quote and references to be given.

Things can get really worse because a very small argument can flare her up and she will talk about it for hours. She takes it very seriously and you should too.

She will be there for you, But if you do not Show that you need her, You’re in trouble:

As much as she is available for her partner, Cancer Woman makes sure that she is not excessively available.

It is important for a Cancer Woman to make sure that her partner respects this thing about her.

You are not allowed to take her for granted. Her compassion is not her weakness, and she will make sure to protect herself and her dignity.

So be careful, when she is there for you, she must know that you need it and you respect it otherwise you might as well lose this favor from her.

Once you lost it, you are never going to have it back. Cancer Woman trusts and faith in you will break the same way a glass does.