10 Things You Need To Know About Cancer Woman

10 Things you need to know about cancer woman

A Cancer Woman is one of its kinds.

She is the mama bear in the entire list of Zodiac females and she is the best woman one may look for when one seeks a lifelong relationship.

Here are some key points that a man must know about his Cancer Woman.

1: Sensitive

She is extremely sensitive and she will weight everything that you say and do.

She will pay close attention to how your words and actions affect her and her future decisions.

She might get upset over silly things as well.

2: Motherly

She has a motherly nature for everyone.

It is not only in her home and for her kids that she will seek to protect and nourish, she will welcome everyone and anyone who seeks her comfort.

You may find her taking control of ever domestic affair on her own.

3: Vulnerable yet Guarded

Cancer Woman is a vulnerable lady because she has heightened emotions.

She can break into a temper tantrum and everything that other people say has an impact on her.

That is why she always keeps her guards at the ready. She does not easily get close to people and when she does, she is easily influenced.

4: Moody

Cancer Woman moods are diverse. When she gets in her mood swings, she can be a killer.

Not to mention her PMS when everything is hitting the roof and her emotions are ready to be flushed all the time.

So be very careful approaching her especially when she is in one of her moods.

Along with it, when she will break down, be there for her because they fall apart easily and badly.

5: Manipulative

She is sensitive but you should never underestimate her.

Cancer Woman is an intelligent woman and she knows how to get her own back.

She can be really manipulative and she knows how to get people doing what she needs to be done.

This trait helps her in her managerial skills and that is why she proves to be a better mother because she knows how to work on the ego and psychology of the children.

6: A strong Feminine who needs protection

No matter how good she is in taking care of herself asĀ  well as others around her, Cancer Woman would always need a man who can be protective for her and who can make her feel like a woman.

She wants to be pampered and taken care of.

That is why, she is more into domestic duties and she loves cooking and taking care of home.

7: A wonderful Friend

You would not find a better friend than a Cancer Woman because she understands you emotionally.

You would always need her by your side because she is the only one who listens to you carefully and gives her best in helping you.

8: Change is not Welcome

Cancer Woman like to have things done in their own way.

They do not welcome change and take things gradually to a different turn.

She will never be comfortable leaving her routine and her style and shifting completely to something else all of a sudden.

9: Supportive and Compromising

Overall, A Cancer Woman possess a supportive and compromising personality.

Even if she is not into change much but she will always support you in your decisions and will try to help you in getting things done.

She will never back away from making sacrifices and that habit makes her a better life partner especially as a female.

10: She can be really Mean and Jealous

She is possessive at heart. Her things and her people belong to her and if somebody tries to take the reins from her hands, she will not go easy on her.

You may find her being men to people and even you if you challenge her authority or underestimate her skills.

Cancer Woman gets really discouraged when her support and comprise is taken for granted and you will, as a consequence, not find her treating you nicely.

Moreover, you need to stay clear of other woman, because she will never like it and accept it even if the other woman is just a friend.