Do Women Objectify Men? What You Think Cancer Woman

We Say Yes.

  1. Based on how much they earn.
  2. Based on how they look.
  3. Based on how powerful/ socially well-positioned they are.

Based on what they can do for the woman in question.

Sexual objectification of men is not practiced by women on the same level as men do for women.

However, you just need to pick up a magazine – a girl mag – to realize the extent of objectification of men in women ‘s mind.

That’s probably the reason books like 50 shades of Grey are so popular. It’s not about the sex.

It’s about a gorgeous, young, well-toned, intelligent, sexually overcharged billionaire falling for a plain, skinny brunette.

Twilight? Rich, powerful shining Vampire with a slew of sports cars and exotic powers likes a girl who’s as exciting as the colour brown.

Historical romance? Duke falls for the governess.

Medieval romance? Dashing knight has the hots for the enemy’s lush sister.

Modern romance? Saudi oil billionaire marries some sad secretary from a hick town and makes her into some sort of Princess.

You get the picture, right?

In literature and cinema, geared towards women, the men are never:

  1. Poor.
  2. Unattractive 
  3. Under-confident.
  4. Mean bad boys; they are always up for reforming.

They are always exotic and glamorous and in insta-love.

So yes, there is a substantial degree of objectification of men in women’s mind.

The context in which men are objectified is generally for marriage/true love and status/wealth.

Even when objectifying, the woman is subordinated to a role that needs the male to provide her what the society validates she should have.

The male objectifies from a position of power, the female from one of oppression.

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