Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility of Love, Marriage, Friendship and Breakup

Fusion of Water and Air is like the composition of Diamond and Gold. Both are the necessary elements for the

survival of lives. They are the outcome of blessings presented by GOD to us. Life without Water and Air is just like

hell. One gives you the sense of aliveness and the other provides you the opportunity to breath. These are the

objects which we take as for granted. Even minute particles of the universe have their own worth, together they can

come up to a refined form of bliss.

THE CREATOR has inserted enormous qualities in to the individuals. Zodiac Signs adopted these traits and due to

these qualities every sign is assigned to a group of similar individuals who attains similar attributes. Every sign is

confined with a significant symbol which demonstrates its quality and flaw. On the basis of individuality, every

individual expresses his/her relation to elements of Universe. Some people are strongly in a relation to Moon. They

act like moon to others by providing them light means they are kind towards humanity. Same is the case with the

people who are stick to the signs of Air and Water.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility:

Coming up towards Compatibility, one should know the why it exists and what’s the need of it. Theoretical

researches have made upon it and it shows that if a pair is not compatible enough to lead a peaceful life then there

is no need for them to stay together. Here one thing is to be questioned that Compatibility refers to which thing. It’s

the synonym of Relationship, how you perceive things in a relation, what are the ways to make a relation worthy,

what amount of compromise is to be needed, how much understandable you are in a relation with your partner.

Relationship of Water and Air signs is strong enough to lead a joyful life. Water sign Cancer possesses the qualities of

water as deep, clear, softness, calmness, beneficial to other and many other aspects. Air sign Gemini is the shadow of

air like sense of relaxation, comfort, relief, etc. Stability is to be noticed among differences. Both the signs are

opposite to each other, they have the tendency to earn a prosperous life. The beauty of their relation lies in their

distinct attributes. They have the strength to cope up all the hurdles of their lives.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Problems:

Cancer lady has a problem that she is extremely possessive and insecure. She doesn’t give sufficient space to her

partner and this is the major conflict that is continuously going to be seen among different signs. Either she is

affiliated with Virgo, Libra, Aries, and Gemini; she remains insecure and needs attention all the time. Sometimes it is

difficult to understand her. She is in a habit of mood swings, quick mood switches are a part of her. She is such an

emotional lady who is always ready to swim in the ocean of feelings.

Gemini is that sort of a person who is versatile. He admires changes in his life. He couldn’t stick to one place; he

wants to roam around the world. This thing could be his flaw as well as he couldn’t stay at one person or place. A

flirty person exists in a Gemini who allows him to demand change. The guy is impatient in his dealings. He gets angry

easily. Ups and downs come in every relation, the need of hour is to measure how one can handle a relation in a best

proper way. Actually these problems are the reflections of long lasting relations. Once you learn to manage things,

no one could beat you in any way.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Friendship:

Friendship is a key element among the two. If one is served to be a good friend then relation could be rocking. Such

a relation could be presented as a long term because with regards to friendship one knows the positive and negative

traits of his/her partner. Water and Air signs could be the best friends if they are willing to do so. Together they can

create a pleasant weather in their lives. If, they are not willing to leave together then the result come in the form of a


Gemini Man Cancer Woman give a friendly environment to each other to learn things from one another. Their

friendship could be long lasting if Cancer let him free because he doesn’t want restrictions. Gemini has a quality that

he can judge people easily. It is his trait that he doesn’t restrict himself to the past. He keeps on moving and allows

his partner to do the same thing. The pair serves to be the interesting one among other zodiac signs. Two of them

trust each other and believe in themselves to create a perfect relation.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Romance:

Love is in the air. What a lovely couple it is. These are the compliments that one can hear when he/she see Gemini

man and Cancer woman in the form of a couple. When a Cancer loves to someone, she gives her best to make him

happier to do different stuff. She admires him. She serves be his best mate. Cancer woman helps him is all his

troubles. Love, sacrifice, understanding, peace, softness is a part of her nature. These qualities make cancer woman

significant in Gemini’s man life. She devotes herself to their relation to make it a qualitative one.

Gemini loves him by heart. He truly loves his mate and expresses his love for her at times. He tries to solve the

riddles of her life as he loves her the most so he does all the things to make her happy. He is her comfort zone. By

trying to make her comfort, he does his best to remove all the worries in her life. He couldn’t see tears in her

beautiful eyes. An air of openness comes in her mind when she talks to him and stays with him. Their collaboration is

essential as fragrance is for flowers.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Marriage:

Marriage is an outcome of a beautiful bond, possesses different traits. It is a relation which is already decided in

heaven but we celebrate it on Earth. It means these things are fixed by THE CREATOR that who would be the partner

of whom and who is compatible enough to live with whom. The tactics to maintain a relation are planned earlier and

are taught to men and women to enhance the beauty of their lives. According to marital point of view, Water and Air

signs present a glittering match. They are skilled enough to lead a contented life together.

Water lady is interested in house making and house holding. She has a great affection with her family and friends.

She is One Man lady who stays with his man through thick and thin and tries to solve all his hurdles in the hour of

need. Gemini on the other hand is a perfect partner for her, who knows how to handle her and comfort to her. He

takes his first step when they have a quarrel between them. A time comes in their life when they get confuse to understand each other but it doesn’t mean that their relation is over. They can sail their boat till the end.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Fight:

No relation could be a flawless one. Those who wait for a flawless relation it mean they are standing in front of a lion

and expecting that it wouldn’t eat them. Everyone attains flaws but the beauty lies in all those efforts which are to be

made to remove those flaws or to handle it in a best possible way.  Cancer and Gemini are capable enough to handle

their problems easily. They know the worth of their relation that’s why they use to forgive one another for their

errors and mistakes.

Cancer woman is too possessive which is not that easy to handle all the times. Her emotional creates problem all

the times because Gemini loves freedom and he hates restrictions. Cancer lady sticks to the past and the fear of her

previous mistakes doesn’t allow her to move on. Gemini doesn’t let his fear to come over his path so here a trouble

arises between the two. Her mood swings is also a cause of their conflict. She is a mysterious sort of a person who

doesn’t show her feelings or emotions to her partner. Gemini doesn’t know that where his actual destiny is in this

regard he roam here and there and this habit creates a sense of security in the Cancer lady.


Gemini Man Cancer Woman have a strong relation that is based on strength and weakness. It’s their uniqueness

that they create balance among their attributes and flaws. They love each other, understand each other and above all

give respect to one another it brings color to their relation. Gemini knows how to handle his lady how to enable her

to break the shell that she makes around her. Whereas, Cancer lady is empowered and controls her emotions to

create harmony among them.

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