Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility of Love, Romance, Fight and Friendship

Zodiacs play a vital role in the life of people. It is more important in a couples’ match and love life. One should also

seek to understand each other’s personality and its dominant traits. Here is a Compatibility check between a Leo

Man and a Cancer Woman.

Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility:

It is for a couple whose zodiacs lie so close together to form a great bond but Leo Man Cancer Woman break

that tradition by being exceptionally great with each other. One is ruled by the sun and the other by the moon.

Strong Compatibility:

The couple is highly compatible with each other. They are really supportive for each other and make one of the

greatest couples ever. Their compatibility comes from some of the traits that they share together in which

unconditional love and support stand as the strongest of reasons.

They are like those couples which stick together and take their turns and together they form a glorious formation of

day and night, rise and fall without any loopholes in the cycle. Their relationship is more like Karma in which they get

what they give and they believe in that giving and taking.

Their compatibility comes in the form of circles where each partner gives something and gains so much more in

return. This way, the circle goes on and on and they bond together in a never ending relationship.

  • Intense Emotion and Passion between the two:

The two are emotional. Where the Cancer woman is into depth and has a soul which holds a reservoir of secrets,

right there, the Leo man is full of intensity in his demeanor and he is an unconditional lover. This makes both of them

to appreciate each other. A Leo man brings goals and ambitions into a Cancer Woman’s life whereas a Cancer

Woman connects a Leo man to the human side of life where people and experiences are held with reverence and

great regard.

  • Woman Behind the Man:

At the same time, a Cancer woman makes her Leo man strong and she is the woman behind her successful Leo man.

She understands his needs of setting goals in life and living up to them. That is why she supports him when he needs

to go away and fly like a free pigeon.

  • Leadership and Emotion; A Proper Match:

They make a proper match because a Leo man knows how to take control whereas a Cancer woman knows how to

drive him, manipulate him or even make him realize his own responsibilities. She is a great care of his home and that

is why this couple finds success in both professional life and domestic life.

  • Balanced Relationship:

Their relationship is highly balanced and well maintained because of the work-life balance. A Cancer Woman shares

half of the trades and they know their responsibilities. This saves them time, money and their relationship as well.

Leo Man Cancer Woman in Love:

  • Passion:

The fire in their souls helps them kindle a feeling of strong passion in love that they express towards each other. The

temper of a Leo man and the sensational emotional sense of a Cancer woman together are like a freshly erupted


The best thing about this passion is that it never dies because it comes automatically from within rather than

generated on purpose.

  • Intense Understanding:

The strong, passionate romantic connection between the two is the reason that they understand each other and

know what exactly the other person needs.

They have similar taste when it comes to romance, because both of them like gestures filled with grandeur and both

can be super cheesy towards each other. That is why, they compliment each other on romantic terms a lot.

  • Experiments and Prospects add to the flare:

The fact that a Leo man likes to do a lot of experimentation in bed and the Cancer woman likes to be admired and

being worked on is a factor that multiplies the love.

A Cancer woman loves to have the reward of all her hard work that she puts throughout the day and if it is paid back

by her man in the form of a hard work much more complicated because he wants to pleasure her enormously is

something on which a Cancer woman will never bail out.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman in a Fight:

Fights are lethal and every couple gets into fights. The intensity can be different as well as the style of fighting and

making up. But overall, it is inevitable evil but can be tackled if dealt with caution.

As much as a Cancer woman and a Leo man love each other, they have a tendency to get into huge fights, fights that

can last longer than life itself. Here are some reasons why;

  • Leo Man’s Temper:

A Leo man, no matter how cool and classy he looks, has got a temper. Ruled by the sun, this zodiac is full of fire

which can either turn into a lot of positive energy and passion or just hell fire in which the entire world can burn and

die and he would not even care.

But his problem is his one weakness and that is his Cancer lady, so when he  is angry, he loves her even more but he

cannot control just how angry and irritated he feels.

  • Cancer Woman’s Patience:

Although a Cancer woman knows how to make compromise, she has been very patient with the guy but she has this

emotional alarm clock set in her heart and mind. When the leo man loses temper, her alarm sets off and the clock

starts ticking. She explodes with emotions, she would cry, blame and throw the severe kind of mood swing at him.

  • Leo Man’s Ambitions:

Another reason that creates a huge rift between the two is that a Leo man is drunk with his ambitions all the time. He

needs to achieve everything in his little time on Earth and he does not have time to think about anything else. That is

why, do not be surprised if he bails out on little good things he could do with  his woman.

  • Cancer Woman’s Home:

For a Cancer woman, ambitions are healthy as long as they do not hurt their family life. She is more concerned about

him to spend quality time with her and her kids. That is why, it is only too far that she will support but she would at

one point want the man to understand this need and take a break.

  • Two Opposite Extremes:

When it comes to these conflicts, they can end up being to opposites poles that can never unite. The fuel to this fire

is provided by the Leo man himself because of his never bending and undying ego. It might give a sense of

humiliation to the lady as well so she might stand  her ground and not try to make things better with him after all.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman in a Friendship:

As friends, both of these people, a Cancer Woman and a Leo man can prove to be really healthy influences for each

other. They can support each other and bring the best out of each other at the same time. Here are some reasons


  • Mutual Respect:

They respect each other because they understand each other’s emotions really well. They know what the other

person thinks and a Cancer woman has a fair idea of her friend’s narcissistic values and his egocentric frame of mind.

That is why she chooses to value him no matter what.

They might set this as a rule of their relationship that no matter what, they will not cross the lines of respect.

  • Emotional Understanding:

They emotionally understand and know what the other person might be thinking when it comes to handling

different matters. This helps them communicate a lot of things to each other without having to say them.

  • They Help and Promote Each other:

A Leo man and a Cancer woman will fight with each other a lot because they are so close and comfortable with each

other. They will share everything and that is why  they are each other’s’ best friends despite of having all those


This stands as a great reason for them to be able to help each other and promote  each other’s growth. A Cancer

woman can go about things emotionally and she  may be conservative in her thoughts whereas a leo man is open to

new things and is not rigid at all. He has a lot of things to teach her.

  • They are Open and Honest Friends

Along with everything else, the best thing that keeps both of these people united is their readiness and openness

towards each other.they are honest to each other and this makes them have a feeling of trust and security. They

know they can always look up to the other and that is why they always stay together through thick and thin.

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