Libra Man Cancer Woman Compatibility of Friendship, Romance, Marriage and Breakup

The word ‘Compatibility’ means love, communication, friendship, closeness, harmony, success, happiness, mutual

understanding, strong bonding and so on. It tells that how two individuals or things work together in a proper way.

According to zodiac signs, compatibility is significant in relations. Most of the people have of the opinion that if one

couple is not compatible among their relationship then it creates a disaster. To abstain from the fears of broken

family, some people prefer to check the zodiac compatibility to meet their need. It doesn’t mean if one person’s sign

is different from the other one then they are not compatible for each other.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Compatibility 

The mixture of ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ denies the concept that compatibility sticks to similar signs only. Libra Man Cancer

Woman have strong level of bonding in their relationship. Although they are opposite in nature but together they

have the tendency to lead a prosperous life. Such a pair is eye captivating because they have uniqueness among


Cancer woman has an emotional personality whereas Libra Man is a practical one. They have the tendency to judge

things in two different perspectives due to contrastive traits.

It’s not that easy for the zodiac signs to make union in a single meeting, they require time to start their relation.

Once they manage to fly the plane of their relationship then they have the ability to amaze people depending upon

their willingness. One aspect that is common among both of them is harmony. Cancer is a sign of care,

positiveness, emotions and sensitivity. On the other hand, Libra indicates practical aspects, romance and logic.

They have strength to work hard to reach towards their goals. Libra knows the tricks how to make their relation

charming and worthy. In the same way, Cancer personalities are well aware how to gain the attention of their


Libra Man Cancer Woman  Problems:

It doesn’t sound weird that a relation has flaws and problems to deal with. If Cancer and Libra could make a strong

bond to live together then on the other hand they can give tough time to each other. Opposite attracts each other,

but sometimes opposite traits are not easy to tackle. Libra man and Cancer woman have some negative traits as well

in addition to positive aspects. Such flaws make their relation a complex one. Libra man needs space sometimes

whereas Cancer woman is a possessive creature and possess some insecurity regarding her relation. Sometimes an

atmosphere of criticism arises among them which make their relation a frozen one. It’s mandatory for a good

relation to count the virtues of one another rather pointing out the mistakes. Libra does not express their feelings

easily and this thing creates trouble for Cancer woman as she is just like an open book to her man. Cancer woman

tends to be shy and never take first step towards a Libra as she has so many fears regarding her relation. This thing

creates a trouble for their relation as Libra is practical enough in his dealings. Cancer woman is a pessimistic one.

Sometimes he fails to understand her attitude when she is angry. Libra shows careless attitude which is a trouble

causing state.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Friendship:

Together they can bring miracles in their lives. As far as friendship is concerned, they act as best friends. Cancer lady

devotes herself for Libra. She can make him smile with her delicate humor. Libra guy is quite far away from egoistic

nature. He knows the worth of his lady and tries to do efforts to give her a sense of satisfaction. He gives her a charm

to lead a better and contented life. A sense of security appears when she comes into the shell of her man.

She has the ability to make her partner smile. She can do anything for him through thick and thin. Water sign Cancer

and Air sign Libra lead a comfortable life as harmony is an essential element of their relation. They can be good

friends as they can overcome the flaws of one another. Libra attains the solutions of her problems and tries to make

her relax and allow her to live her life in her own way.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Romance:

These zodiac signs are romantic and appealing. Libra is more romantic than her mate. Love refers to trust,

understanding, confidence, support etc. A romantic relation can’t exist without love. Libra treats her lady like a

princess and gives her warmth love so that she feels herself as protected. She loves the way he used to love her. Love

bond can’t be completed without respect. If someone provides all the pleasures of life to his/her partner but doesn’t

give respect then it is useless for the partner. Such a relation can’t be a happier one but it can be a disastrous one.

One specialty of this couple is both gives respect to each other. Here Libra must be admired as he is a man who

attains ego but can’t put his ego in his relation. He knows how to handle the mood swings of his lady and in the

return she gives him loyalty, care, endless devotion. Libra tends to be an optimistic teacher of Cancer. He doesn’t

want to lose his mate, for her he can leave his friends to save his relation. Strongly imaginative couple it is, who tries

to work hard for a unique bond.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Marriage:

Ever loving couple makes a best marital union. They serve as best mates on the Earth. Their long lasting relation

depends upon themselves that how far they can carry their relation. Libra and Cancer are best outcome of a

successful relation. Marriage is like a garden, how much care you’ll give to the garden, water the plants, and put all

your skills for its betterment, it will give you the best fruits. Same is the case with a marital couple, it requires

attention and devotion. As we give full devotion to furnish our homes, marriage demands such potential.

Cancer lady is somehow home oriented lady, who prefers to stay at home and has desire to make her home a part of

heaven. Libra acts as a supportive tool to save his relation. He feels joy in her happiness and comfort. Their

understanding is just a blessing which other couples don’t have. They focus upon happiness instead of fighting each

other on silly things. Troubles can’t stop them to achieve their goals because they know how to tackle with it. They

are more like best friends. People used to say that marital partners can’t be good friends but they reject this theory.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Fight:

It doesn’t sound weird if a couple has a quarrel upon their differences or upon certain things. In fact, it sounds weird

to hear that a couple has no issues at all to live. Everyone possesses flaws, so, it’s not a big deal. The point to ponder

is how they handle their situation. According to Cancer sign Libra tends to be .1% selfish at times and it’s just like to

throw stone in water but can’t affect the flow of water. Same is the case with them, they know their errors and the

best thing among them is they try to remove that mistakes instead of sticking upon it.

It’s not that easy to understand a Cancer lady, at times Libra gets confused that how to deal with her. But divine love

enables her to express herself towards her man. Cancer prefers to live in the flow of emotions but, keen in all the

matters, whereas Libra is quite careless. This habit irritates the lady but Libra has the capability to overcome his flaws.

His extra loving traits force her to forget about small errors of her man and she realizes the worth of Libra.

Libra Man Cancer Woman Breakup:

Their relation can be over when they themselves try to do so. Otherwise, no other thing could try to make their

relation over. Mostly people know that it’s very hard to make a knot of Libra and Cancer but once they are gathered

according to their choice, it’s hard to get them apart. They stand firm to restrain their relation and never allow

anyone to break their bond. Contradiction lies between them which are a part of mostly couples but they serve to be

the best of handlers. Sometimes Water and Air can’t form suitable environment, same is the case with them but it’s

all right to have differences.


Magic lies under the hearts of the people. It’s useless to sit quite and to wait for others that they will bring change in

your life. If you have ability to does something, prove yourself. This is the strategy of Libra and Cancer. They do not

wait for others to change their life and to bring color and taste to their picture. They themselves are the painters of

their own life who know what type of strokes they want and what shades are applicable to make the picture precious

and appealing.

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