Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

The attraction between Pisces Man and Cancer Woman is fantastic. They belong to the same origin and that is why

there is a high chance of attraction between the two. They can spot each other from a distance and from that instant,

the chemistry would just begin to never really end. Since both of them are water signs, they are a couple which has

no problem getting along. Their likes and dislikes are usually same including their preferences. So this makes them

an easy coupe in any form. Be it friends, committed relationship, a hook up or a long lasting marriage, both of them

will ace it together.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility about love and


  • Compatibility Compass is in the Right Direction

Indeed, their compatibility compass is directed towards the right side because they are match made in the depths of

the very sea they have been originated from. So it is easy to say that they suit each other very much when it comes

to living together and enduring the journey of life.

  • Stability

They make a stable couple. It is because their frequency matches each other. No one of them works at a different

pace. They have same frame of thought which makes things easy for them.

  • Fluid and Understanding

Both of them are not rigid in their nature. Their nature is fluid so they give each other a proper space and

understanding. This way, they work along really well and understand each other’s needs.

  • Mood Swings

Cancer woman usually faces problems with other signs when it comes to her mood swings, but with this guy, she is

at peace because he has same kinds of mood swings. If at one time she is going through something, he will

understand and respect it because he knows it happens to him as well. So this way, he will also be there for her at all

times and she will be there for him.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Problems

  • Mood Swings can be an issue

These mood swings and its understanding is not always a blessing for these two. These mood swings can be a

source for trouble as well. Sometimes, when both of them are going through phases, they might lash out on each

other uselessly and face problems.

  • There is nothing they cannot solve

But the good thing in all of this is that there is nothing they cannot solve. They are good at moving on and forgiving

each other for stuff. That is why, their anger does not last for a long time, especially considering their water nature,

and they can get over anything.

  • The guy communicates less even lesser than his lady

The other source of trouble can be the fact that both of them talk less but counting the degree on a scale, the guy

talks lesser than the girl. This way, the girl thinks that he is not sharing himself and hiding stuff. So, you know where

it can create troubles!!

  • Less talking can create problems in understanding at times

Their less talking will come as a bad thing in their relationship and they will have to do something about it

consciously. So all of the Pisces Man and a Cancer Woman couples out there, you need to be sure that you figure it

out before it comes and gets under your skins.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Friendship

  • It goes long a long way

A Pisces Man and Cancer Woman make great friends. Their friendships can last a lifetime because of their nature. If

they are not together romantically and are just friends, their friendship would be something everyone would crave

for, but if they are a couple, their friendship would be the reason they stay together forever.

  • Flexible and friendly

The best thing about them is that they are friendly and flexible with each other. They can forgive each other for their

mistakes and they share everything that they have done. It does not necessarily mean that they will stay in touch at

all times but whenever they meet, they will meet like they had left an hour ago.

  • Easy going

They are really easy going people so they do not make issues out of small things. This quality makes them ideal

especially for great friendships and trustworthy relationships.

  • They make buddies for life

Once they are friends, they will be friends forever. Nothing can break their bond; they will stay together like two

glued fingers.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman In bed

  • Crab is reserved in love making

Now, she is the one who is reserved in love making because she is careful and needs security. She does not like

anything to go wrong. That is why; she will be restricted but will also be open to more love and passion. She needs

to be caressed and cared for as much as he possibly can.

  • The fish needs to swim here and there

With the Pisces man, the story is totally different. He is a fish and needs to swim to different places. That is why he

would want to explore her at all times. Moreover, he would not be restricted with her needs so he can fulfill her

needs and can fit her like a glove.

  • Intimate not lusty

Both of them are very close and intimate and love making is a very sacred ritual that is performed between these two

love birds. They respect each other so their love making is more about passion than lust.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Romance Compatibility

  • They like goofing around with each other

They have wonderful romance compatibility. As I mentioned, they fit each other like a glove that is why, they like

sending romantic swings at each other and they enjoy teasing each other a lot.

  • They love their flow

The flow of relationship that they have is fluid and that is why strong. They can bend and mold with circumstances

without being affected at all. That is why; they love being with each other and the romance keeps on growing.

  • They take it slow and steady

They are not very hasty when it comes to their romance. They like to take it slow and careful. They can wait for each

other to accept each other and be there with patience.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman marriage

  • Two sides of the same coin

In their marriage, they are like the two sides of the same coin. They can live with each other properly. They have a

disciplines life because the Pisces guy is a provider and the Cancer Woman is a total keeper. When they are together,

their life becomes heaven.

  • Perfect Couple

They are a perfect couple in so many ways. They understand each other and they have similar goals. They fill in with

their responsibilities and career and home is always on their list. They cooperate and become one of the most

powerful couples.

  • They know they are in for a long shot

Once they are together, there is no leaving or going anywhere. They know that they are there for a long shot and

they are going to stay together.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Fight

  • She wants mental and financial security

They may get into fights because Cancer woman is a controlling power and she can be freaky at times because she

likes to have mental and financial security. If she would know that her guy is not paying attention to these matters

she will get angry.

  • He is not obsessed with success or money

On the other hand, the Pisces man is not concerned with financial security or money. He likes to go with the flow and

believes that everything can be taken care of and will be taken care of eventually.

  • She wants to stop and settle

She wants to settle down and have a sound family life. That is why she wants everything intact and in its place. As a

mother and as a woman, she believes that a family should be able to sleep with peace at night.

  • He likes to go with the flow

As I said, he is not concerned about this stability, he can easily sleep with peace at night in any kind of situation and

it does not mean that he will not be providing for his family. He just does not take it too seriously to fret over it and

go crazy in collecting stuff.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Breakup

  • Lots of fights

They will get into lots of fights because of their bone of contention but there is nothing that will be serious and may

end up in a break up. Most of the fights will be initiated by the Cancer woman because we all now know why!

  • They are good for each other

The really good for each other and that is why, even if they end up fighting or in a break up, they will soon get back

together as if they never broke up in the first place. It makes them the most amazing couple ever. Their stability

increases which is also good for their family especially their children.

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