Which Qualities in Men Attract Cancer Women The Most

It’s not only the money, status and popularity of a man. There are a lot of other things too.

Facial Features: 

Among facial features also, there are a lot of things that attracts women.

Jawline: A strong jawline is what attracts a lot of woman. And people caring about the jawline is growing more only.

Eyes: Eyes of a man tells everything about him. Eyes are as mysterious as thry are revealing about someone’s personality.

Facial hair: Some women prefer clean shaven men, some perfectly styled and cut beards and some heavy beards. I an the second one and I think most women are.

Women either like mustaches or they. One of my friend from Hyderabad loved mustaches and one of my Icelandic friends hated. So, it depends.

Hair: Girls absolutely love a great hair. Perfectly styled hairs shows you are a perfect fashionista.

Other features: From what I know most girls are attracted to longer and rounder ears. Most women prefer a nose that is distinct, long and rifted. Forehead which are larger are more attractive so is the gap between nose and lips and lips and chin. From what I know, girls prefer full lips and cheeks with distinct cheek bones.

Bodily Features

Neck: Girls generally prefer longer necks. Women also love to stare at the back of the neck.

Shoulder and Chest: A very strong shoulder and greatly muscular chest is what women prefer more. Some may be the exception.

Biceps and abs: As per the popular belief, women are attracted to biceps and chiseled abs and that’s true. But some prefer skinny and some chubby men.

The Adonis Belt: The V-shaped pelvic thrust below someone’s abs is something that is driving girls crazy nowadays.

The Back Curve: The curve at the back is liked by many women including me.

Butt: A cute round bum is not liked by men only but women too.

Genitals: You might have heard a lot!!

Emotional and Personal Character

Intelligence: Women like intelligent people because they always know what they are doing.

Emotional Stability and Sense of Humour: A man who can give her shoulders to cryand reasons to laugh will always be loved by her.

Fashion sense and Attitude: Guys who dress well and act in their unique attitude are sure to steal a woman’s heart.

Hygiene: Unhygienic guys repel a lot of woman.The main being bad teeth and breathe being a big no no.

Good in bed: A man is who is good in bed will be absolutely liked by a woman. Yes, it’s kind of important.

Status: Girls do prefer more popular and richer guys but that doesn’t make her a gold-digger. And guys also prefer popular and richer girls.

A lover boy: Girls love romantic man who brings her flowers, gifts, cards and says romantic things to her. Girls are attracted to guys who are more likely to treat her as his queen.

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