Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman are the outcome of an interesting pair. They are fully equipped to live a royal life.

Conflicts are a part of every relation. No matter how many differences a pair has, the actual thing is how they settle

down their disputes. Scorpio and Cancer are capable enough to tackle all their problems manfully.

Trust is a striking element which can be easily found among the two. They know how to cherish and nourish their

mates. They have outstanding chemistry. One similarity could be found in the pair, both have the ability to express

their feelings for their partners. They are the purely fruit of the phrase, ‘opposite attracts’.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility of love & Relationship

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man both crave love which is deep and True to its core:

Scorpio man is a skilled person who is fully aware of his responsibilities regarding his personal and professional life.

He is a keen lover who can do anything to make his girl happy.

They are considered as two bodies and one soul. They have the tendency to hide one another’s flaws. Cancer is a

kind lady. She is a sort of lady who gives extra worth to her relations especially to her life partner. Both have the

strong magnetic power which doesn’t allow the two to get separated.

Cancer has a ruling planetary symbol which is ‘Moon’. For this reason, she possesses a strong relation with feelings.

Cancer woman has devotion in her personality. She gives her time, sacrifice her dreams for him. Scorpio belongs to

Mars. He acts like his ruling planet the most powerful. He is loyal to his lady and protective as well.

Their love compatibility grows with the passage of time and they are known for their affectionate,

passion, love and care for each other. Scorpio and Cancer have several similar traits the dominant one is their

emotional attitude towards each other. They love one another in a way that they expect from their partner to love

them the same way. They have the ability to make a smooth relation.                                                                                         

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Problems

Cancer’s Needs of Security and Scorpio’s Mysterious Way of life. Cancer lady is extremely possessive and emotional.

She needs entire attention and care of her partner to make her feel secure. In the contrast, Scorpio guy has

mysterious traits in his personality. It’s not that easy to understand a Scorpio in a single glance. What he wants and

what he does no one could know about it except GOD and him. He flows very deep so it’s very difficult to measure

his depth.

Cancer Woman is a vulnerable Being whereas, Scorpio fetches Power in every aspect of Life. Apart from the

loving aspects, the pair’s life has a dark side too. She could act as a defensive person but he acts as an offensive

person. He doesn’t allow her to carry the relation according to the rules of equilibrium rather he considers himself as

dominating person. At times he acts that he is taking the relation on his shoulders and in this regard he hurts his

lady. She is such a soft lady who doesn’t blame him upon his faults and marks herself that she would be the wrong


Cancer’s Jealousy and Scorpio’s Possessiveness: Everyone knows that Cancer lady is an emotional lady who has

lots of fears in her minds. When Scorpio shows his deeper side to her she gets jealous and a state of fears arises in

her mind that perhaps she is not beautiful, energetic and caring enough to make her partner contented and a happy

one. Scorpio, similar to the lady, attains Water sign and having the traits of water, he is having a deeper and sensitive

personality. All he wants from his lady is, as he loves her he demands the double amount of that love from her to

survive under the air of love.

Scorpio belongs to the planet Mars and Mars seems to be the dominant planet among all. He takes this quality of

The most Powerful’ from his planetary symbol. He presents himself as superior one in front of the lady. The word of

Sorry is not included in his dictionary. His attitudes frighten his mate and this thing weakens their relation.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Friendship

They act as faithful and reliable friend. The beauty of their relation lies in their friendship. Both the mates prefer to

live in the company of such people who are the trusted ones. They can understand each other in a single glimpse of

their eyes. Scorpio and Cancer help each other to fulfill their goals.

Respect is a vital element which could be seen in the relation of the two. They know how to maintain the self respect

of their partner. They are affectionate, caring and loyal persons. Both sail the boat of feelings in a better way that no

one else could do so. They have different school of thoughts but they flow in one direction.

Cancer lady is such a calm, peaceful, sensitive, loyal and devoted lady. It is wrong to say that they don’t fight. When

her patience limit is over then there comes a state of dispute but in occurs once in a blue moon as she is trained

enough to tackle herself and her emotions. They only fights when the male performs Bossy acts and when the lady’s

insecurity arises and her jealousy turns into alarming state.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Romance Compatibility

Cancer lady and Scorpio man have one thing in common which is their sincerity. It’s not that easy for them to

indulge in a relation very quickly, but once they get themselves involved in a relation they leave their foot prints for

the others to ponder upon.

Both belong to Water, so both have deep feelings of love and care for each other. He will try his best not to hurt his

lady and the lady put all her efforts to make his life a living heaven. For this couple it is not that easy to make a path

that is free from thorns but their eternal love enables them to do so.

 Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Marriage

Apart from all the traits of a nice, loving, caring man, there lie some weaknesses in a Scorpio too. The biggest flaw is

his impatience. He is a riddle for himself, who doesn’t even know that what he actually wants. What he thinks, he

wants to get it as he is not patient enough to wait for the happenings.

A peaceful lady who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, she is Cancer. She gives extra care to her relations and couldn’t

lose them at any cost. If she does so many sacrifices for her relations so she requires a feeling that no one should

hurt her. Sometimes Scorpio intentionally or unintentionally acts weird and she gets hurt but put a mask on her


It is not that easy to maintain a relation which has two sides; a bitter one and a sweeter one. Only Scorpio and

Cancer have the tendency to live such an appealing life. Pain and pleasure both are part and parcel for each other.

Without tasting the feeling of grief one couldn’t enjoy the actual happiness that comes from the heart.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Fight

There is a mask on his face which hides his actual expressions towards a relation. He is not as cool as he seems to be.

He shows his dark side if he gets a chance to do so.

Scorpio is a mystery for all, even for the people who bet that they know a Scorpio very well. Never claim that you

know a Scorpio because they’ll surprise you at every moment. She is emotionally a weak person whereas he is a

practical person. She can’t bring in his icy attitudes. Her emotions fail to melt that ice to stop the man from his

extremist nature.

Their relation is a challenging one. Their relation is not like a straight path. It requires efforts to make it long lasting

but their differences could serve to be deal breakers rather than deal makers. Their disputes enable them to walk

away from the boundary of their relation.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Breakup

Both have the tendency to lead a prosperous life but on the other hand they act as the hard shells which are

unbreakable. Only they have the capability to break their coconuts otherwise no one else could do so.

Cancer lady won’t admit it, but, at a certain point she possesses ego and doesn’t take her steps back. Same is the

case with the Scorpio, where the matter of Ego comes no one tries to resolve it at first. Sometimes they suffer a lot

due to their relation.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of Cancer and Scorpio, one could better say that these two persons are the

trickiest ones. It is very difficult to tie their knot only they themselves could do so. Once they get apart due to their

conflicts, it is very difficult for the twain to get back to the same positions in a relation to live peacefully in a way as

they were living earlier.

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