What Cancer Thinks About The Other Zodiac Signs

Aries: They are loads of fun and there never seems to be a dull moment with them… but

they make me shudder when they get a little too blunt.

Taurus: They are practically, better half… but they can be really difficult when I show

them something different or new.

Gemini: They have a good head on their shoulders a. I feel they give out good advice

which I think makes .r a good friend_ but sometimes I feel like they don’t even want, to be

friends or care that much.

Leo: They are my best friend a. we do everything together. But I can feel so overshadowed

and sometimes unneeded by them

Virgo: I feel so comfortable around them like someone I can really trust… but they can

either be too emotionally distant or too critical of me.

Libra: They are understanding and I actually feel needed for once… but I feel so betrayed

when they talk about me to other people. Scorpio: Their intensity inspires me, and I love

that they always do what they say… but sometimes our fights can last a little too long.

Sagittarius: Their carefree and exciting attitude is contagious, and I feel so strong when I

am around them… but our ma, differences can get the better of us sometimes.

Capricorn: They are down-to-earth, Arc, nice, and just completely wonderful… but their

composed, straightforward attitude can be so mean a. even ruthless sometimes.

Aquarius: They are definitely friendly, sociable with a nonchalant and easy personality…

but it can get really frustrating when I try to get them to like something but they just won’t


Pisces: They completely understand me a. I feel at home with them and its pretty fun just

hanging out with nothing to really do… but sometimes I feel like they don’t need me so


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